Information and Listening Guide

This website is the only legal and authorised platform
to sell Jacotte Chollet's albums in digital format.

Jacotte Chollet Digital Album

All the albums are in High Definition digital format (in wav format), the only uncompressed format equivalent to the audio quality of a CD.
This format reproduces all the frequencies of the original recorded version. This is the only format in which you can experience the benefits of this vibratory music.

Do not listen to or convert to MP3.
MP3 is a compressed format that does not reproduce all the frequencies of the original version of the album recorded in High Definition.

About this music: Listening guide

Each digital album purchase is accompanied by a listening guide in PDF format as well as a file giving you access to important information. Please read these before starting your listening sessions.

Each purchase also gives you access (as with the CD albums) to advice from Jacotte during your first listening sessions. To take advantage of this service, all you need to do is provide your customer details and the reference number of your order.