Jacotte Chollet

Jacotte Chollet

After studying English and Linguistics at university, Jacotte Chollet co-produced and directed around fifty documentaries for French television. These films led her to discover the great civilisations of the past, as well as leading thinkers, philosophers and researchers whom she helped to make better known.
The sudden death of her mother and the events that followed tipped the needle of her compass from the outside inwards, from image to sound.

Jacotte used the sound synthesiser, a new instrument in the early 80s, to explore the world of sound frequencies and their power (influence) on the psyche. This research led her to create intuitive, highly vibratory music in states of expanded consciousness, which illuminates our inner selves and resonates with our multiple dimensions - spiritual, emotional, energetic and physical.

The result today is 15 albums of multidimensional music that are tools (vibratory vectors) for exploring and raising awareness of our creativity and inner light.

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Healing Multidimensional Music

Multidimensional Music is a vibratory tool for inner transformation and deep energetic reharmonisation. It is not the same as listening to ordinary music.

It is multidimensional because it acts on the many dimensions of our being: physical, energetic, emotional, psychic and spiritual.

To take full benefit of its potential, you need to listen to it in "deep listening" mode, eyes closed, concentrating on your feelings.

It is QUANTIC and HOLISTIC and has an effect on conscious and subconscious dimensions of the listener, thanks to its BETA - ALPHA - THETA - DELTA brainwaves.

What you hear when you listen to it is not the music itself, but its RESONANCE as a function of YOUR INNER STATE.

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