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Jacotte Chollet



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A powerful, highly musical, hypersensitive and ultra-resonant album to open yourself up to the etheric vibrations of the Cosmos, surf its extraordinary tones, visit unknown stars and constellations, and integrate the sensations of its infinite nuances. 

An album dedicated to transforming and attuning yourself to your multidimensional being, in a harmonic and harmonizing sound space.

It is strongly advised you to start your listening sessions at soft to medium volume, especially if you're using earphones!
Depending on your own pace of transformation and integration, when the sounds of this music become familiar and harmonious to you, it will be a sign that you've harmonized, and you'll be able to swim at will on these waves of sound and light coming in from the stellar worlds.

A timeless journey of sound and light, that I accomplished by riding the vibrations of SIRIUS, AQUARIUS, PEGASE and visiting beautiful worlds of light while feeling waves of love and being "one and many" at the same time.

Surf on the vibrations of a merging ocean of light, transported by the sounds of a music that carries us away and offers the absolute sensation of being FREE of all RESTRICTION, all limitations and all FEAR, while experiencing a state of deep relaxation, in ABSOLUTE ACCORDANCE WITH YOURSELF and THE COSMOS!

Duration : 68 minutes - 7 Tracks

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