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Jacotte Chollet



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Creation is a hymn to the beauty of Creation and a recall of our own inner beauty. It celebrates the richness, magnificence, abundance of Creation. It is a harmonic, spatial and powerful journey into the different realms of the cosmos within.

Excellent for auto hypnosis, development of extrasensory perceptions & of subconscious latent potential. Hemispheres synchronizing. THETA FREQUENCIES help to retrieve deep rooted traumatic memories as well as opening to COSMIC INTUITION and CREATIVITY.

ACTIVATING ALPHAWAVE ANGELIC ARCHITECSONIQUES ! Must have album for those who love angelic synthesis! What a truly amazing and satisfying recording this is! I would think anybody with a love & appreciation for Angelic or Ascension music would really enjoy this album. I swear my toes were curling by the second minute of the second song & the rest was a feast for the senses. The name of the album is CREATION, and that is indeed what it is about: Active and energizing, while at the same time very suggestive on a visual level.

Duration : 63 minutes - 6 tracks

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