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Jacotte Chollet



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Crystal sounds providing multidimensional aligning and holistic transformation for easy adaptation to the new . serenity . inner peace . unconditional love... Tender, fluid, energetic, regenerating.
Essence is an essential album for accessing spiritual healing, energetic balancing, hemispheres synchronizing, multidimensional aligning, unconditional love, joy, serenity and inner peace. Listened to at low volume, this album is very good for providing quick and easy sleep to babies and kids.

Good for : Spiritual healing, Emotional pacification, Stress relief, Resourcing. Hemispheres synchronizing, Free Access to transcendental states, multidimensional aligning, Purification, Hemispheres synchronization. Self regeneration, Access to unconditional love. 

Joyousness and bliss supreme waft through one’s soul as the music carries the listener deep into psychic spaces of healing and communion. It feels like caressing care, like receiving the patient, loving ministrations of an experienced healer. Like a Love regardless of what I’ve done. This is the Budhic or Causal level of the Masters and the Subtle level of the Archetypes & Divine Energies. Jacotte Chollet continues to produce intriguing and uplifting music. This new release ESSENCE has a truly joyous quality and strong healthy vibration that allow me to unreservedly recommend this to all lovers of Visionary Synthesis…
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary Sound)

Duration : 57 minutes - 5 tracks

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