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Jacotte Chollet

High Spaces

High Spaces

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Let’s fly into HIGH SPACES towards the origin of origins the momentum of your genesis where is the blueprint of your becoming so that you may reconnect with your source and consciously activate your own accomplishment.

This album has been especially designed for awakening and multiplication of latent potential, this CD activates and causes emergence of dormant information present in our DNA.
Etheric tonalities transport us into subtle spaces so that we may celebrate our re creation. Theta waves favor re distribution of information in our DNA. - A powerful vector of multidimensional transformation, consciousness expansion, conscious evolution, DNA reprogramming…

SONIC QUANTUM LEAP PROVIDES FRESH CHALLENGES. Deeply transformative vibrational biofeed of spiritual essence. What I can tell you is that this is loaded with spiritual information on a very high level. Deeply transformative vibrational biofeed of spiritual essence; only rarely have I experienced such a full scale vertebral realignment and NEVER while neither being worked on by a therapist nor actively stretching or exercising. Suddenly my sine arched and the vertebrae realigned : it was almost like someone had “cracked” my back for me !
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary sound)

Duration : 59 minutes - 3 tracks

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