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Jacotte Chollet

Invisible Presence

Invisible Presence

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A powerful invitation to reconnect with our cosmic self.
This album provides a tangible connexion with unknown dimensions of our multidimensional being. The rich tones of this highly spatial album contribute to recalibrate our different energetic centres and envelopes, and to complete hemispheric synchronisation. - Energizing, excellent for meditation, consciousness expansion, cosmic journeys, restructuration of bioenergetic field. Cleansing energy in places charged with dissonant memories.

An incredible low theta journey into the heart for a meeting with THE SOLAR LOGOS ! It provides a feeling of cosmic vastness, while still apparently centered in the heart. LIGHT WORKERS LOOKING FOR VIBRATORY INFORMATION should check out the entire series of albums by Jacotte.
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary Sound)

Duration : 60 minutes - 4 tracks

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