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Jacotte Chollet

Multidimensional Deep Healing - The 4 first Albums

Multidimensional Deep Healing - The 4 first Albums

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Renaissance, Invisible Présence, Unité (2 albums).
These 4 albums are designed to restore contact with our inner source of light, our cosmic essence, source of energy and vitality, and to rehabilitate, harmonize and integrate imprints of suffering that have been stored below the threshold of awareness, causing blockages and harmful effects that can be felt down into our cells.

Jacotte Chollet's first four albums 'pin you down', diagnose you, press the 'reset' button and there you are, vibrationally recalibrated and energetically reharmonised. During this energetic vibratory recalibration, deeply buried anger and fears are released as they rise to consciousness, and it is through this precise process that we can free ourselves from the dissonant and suffering memories that alter the way our body functions and the state of our health.

This music is a key which opens the door of visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious dimensions of our multidimensional being.

Analyses of BETA / ALPHA / THETA / DELTA brainwaves carried out in Bath with MAXWELL CADE's "MIND MIRROR" while listening to the music highlight its unique qualities: in just a few minutes, listening to this music brings access to inner states of meditation, deep relaxation, creative visualization, intuition, effortless attention, mindfulness, Self-presence, awakening (the awakened mind) and synchronization of brainwaves and cerebral hemispheres. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

Each order is accompanied by a "listening guide" giving efficient advice on the best way to listen to this music. In order to benefit of the full range of its multidimensional effects it is advised to listen to it in a “deep listening” mode which means being attentive to your bodily sensations, as well as inner states of consciousness and energetic processes of transformation.

Because this music is multidimensional, it causes different effects: if you listen to it with earphones or speakers, while lying or sitting, in the morning after a good night of sleep, or at night after a full day, if you listen to it in surround sound at a low volume, it will favor quick and easy sleep…
It is advised not to listen to it while driving a vehicle!
Please, read the guide thoroughly.

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