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Jacotte Chollet



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Reconciliation restores self-esteem and favors envisioning oneself as the true creator of one’s own life. It provides perfect balance between high, medium and base sounds and helps to reconcile with oneself and others through heart chakra opening, feelings of compassion. In periods of insomnia, listening to it at a low volume contributes to calm the mind and restore peaceful sleep. It has a special and powerful calming effect on babies, pupils doing homework and anxious students.

Good for : gentle healing of energetic envelope, emotional integration. SELF confidence, multidimensional reconciliation within and around. 

Jacotte’s mastery of the medium is evident in one’s continuous sensual, emotional and intellectual pleasure of being effected by these mysterious sounds. A flooding of the body and its fields with love flowing out from the heart in all directions. Softening and healing of the emotional body, by the end, one’s entire energy envelope has been softened with love…
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary Sound)

Duration : 70 minutes - 5 tracks

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