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Jacotte Chollet



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Its liquid sounds and tonalities bring emotional relief and energy recovery. This album is the favorite of most as it is both spatial, harmonic, energizing and flowing. An invitation to conscious rebirth.
Excellent for self healing, emotional relief, consciousness expansion, body work, massage, convalescence...

THIS IS THE REAL THING ! Some of the most intensely Physical and overtly HEALING synthesis I had the pleasure of experiencing. Classically beautiful, majestic and fully realised. My spinal column seems to be charged with an inner radiant flow that easily passes down the length, removing small blocks in the inner cord. Photonic swirling is recocheting inside my cranium for eternity and it feels great ! By the end my head feels clear and I am much more focused in my attention and more present. Completely new aspects keep leaping out with each listening.
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary sound)

Duration : 56 minutes - 4 tracks

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