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Jacotte Chollet

Silent Light

Silent Light

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Remember what you already know,
Listen to your silent soul,
It knows the way To the light.

This album offers soul retrieving, total purification and peace along this inner voyage towards the TAO. SILENT LIGHT provides a quiet, still bath into the seas of tranquility and simplicity. It brings regeneration through peace. It is a journey back to the source of integrity where we can drink the clear waters and experience the silent light of our soul. Glissando sounds magnetize the listener to the center of his sacred inner sanctuary.

Excellent for Meditation, subtle energy healing, access to extrasensory perception, deep peace, spiritual intuitions, inspiration, inner transformation…

Gentle, healing, nourishing swathe of the Unio Mysterium. This is a long drink of lavendar nectar to be sure! Nourishing and comforting, like slumbering in a bed of fragrant flowers… A welcome experience of gentle, tender caring and unconditional nurture… Probably the gentlest and most lovely of the Multidimensional music set, Sweet like honey.

Duration : 58 minutes - 4 tracks

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