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Jacotte Chollet

Sky Dancing

Sky Dancing

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Look into the mirror of your mind
The mysterious home of the Dakini.

The tonalities of this album recall the realms and the vibrations of interstellar spaces. It is a transcendental, nurturing, compassionate journey into the eternal stillness of our being. Ideal for HYPNOSIS and SELF HYPNOSIS. In touch with spirit, flying into the ethers, you transcend your limits and you can dance on the top of the pyramid !

Good for inner cleansing, spiritual clarity, meditation, inspiration, autohypnosis, access to transpersonal states. Excellent, when in need of decision making or radical habit change.

UNIQUE ULTRA MYSTERIOSO UNDULATING EUPHONY. Surrounded by an incandescent, rarefied atmosphere, filled with geometric lattice lacings that are at once crystalline and electromagnetic. We are so Light we can float in the medium. It is dancing all around us, the sky is dancing, the heavenly vault within. Amazing! One of the most difficult albums for me to describe because its quality is SO unique !
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary Sound)

Duration : 67 minutes - 5 tracks

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