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Jacotte Chollet

Unite - 2 albums set

Unite - 2 albums set

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This double album allows for shamanic journeys and cellular  cleansing of traumatic memories inherited from the past. A powerful tool of inner unification.

Album -1 : You’ve heard of “Biofeedback?” well, this is Biofeed !
Extremely relaxing and is a long sustained delta sleep voyage healing the listener back to the wholeness and oneness of all being. 

Album-2 :  Brings transmutation of dissonant patterns of energy and long last memories crystalized at cellular level… 1st track is VISUAL of an ultraviolet thoroid reminding me of the sphere of saturn, Binah in Kabala which is the great Mother…/ 3rd track : A shamanic healing ritual performed in protective secrecy.

The 2 albums set contains the most sublimely mysterious aural sculpture in Chollet's canon. It is an essential stage in self healing, global transformation and inner unification.
DARV KRIZTON (Visionary Sound)

Unite contains 2 albums :
L'amour Roi :  55 minutes - 6 tracks
Mystère de la vie : 50 minutes - 4 tracks

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