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Jacotte Chollet

Zen Garden

Zen Garden

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Zen Garden guides the listener into exploration of different dimensions of light, celestial or terrestrial. Powerful and sweet, profound and light, transformative and relaxing, Zen Garden provokes resonance in our inner sanctuary and provides feelings of deep resourcing, inner peace, serenity and light.
This album is essential for learning to let go and face with a zen attitude the multiple challenges provoked by the global transformation we are confronted with.

Goog for : letting go, energetic aligning, emotional pacification, resourcing, inner unification, deep meditation and relaxation, zen attitude, mindfulness…

ZEN GARDEN is the 14th album from the brilliant — and prolific — composer Jacotte Chollet. It represents a breakthrough in her creativity because it surpassed the innovative work that has brought her international attention. As the title implies, it evokes calmness and serenity to those who listen to it. But it also lays the groundwork for creativity and inspiration. Imagine the stones and the sand in a zen garden. And then imaging taking a rake to reshape those elements into countless variations. This is the mood so delightfully captured by Jacotte Chollet, and why on never tires of listening to ZEN GARDEN.
Stanley KRIPPNER, Ph.D. co-author Personal Mythology

Album 432 HZ
Duration : 65 minutes - 7 tracks

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