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Jacotte Chollet

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

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My 15th album ZERO GRAVITY is unlike any of its sibling. It introduces us to the no time a « timeless experience », a spiral, a new age, a new world opening up, now... It is a very delicate « child » of mine, quite sensitive and loving, but different.

PLEASE don’t FEEL disturbed if it brings into awareness new emotions or hidden feelings you were not aware of in need to be washed away,purified and gently healed. He speaks a new language made of unknown tones and sounds that tickle the ears and caress the heart. He is imbued with deep peace, lightness, gentleness, freedom and love, he helps us to free ourselves from gravity and to fly effortlessly following the birds. It is the moment to spread our wings, discover new landscapes, new horizons and create the new life we wish for.

An album to free oneself from the past, to pacify, regenerate, find oneself, rediscover oneself, fly away to timeless dimensions, freed from gravity where only peace, harmony, freedom, beauty and love reign. A real bath of youth and rediscovered eternity.

In the TEMPLE of SOUND, let’s leave our old clothes behind, let’s revive our souls, let’s rediscover ourselves! Let’s be carried on birds wings, Let’s listen to our inner song guiding us towards the light. The more we listen to this album and the more we hear our own inner song, then we feel refreshed, reassured, gently healed and transformed.

Good for : 6 tracks to be listened to without moderation at any age and in all situations requiring : Mastery ,Calm, Mind clarity, Compassion, Creativity,  Lucidity, Attention without effort,  Concentration, Inner peace and Inner presence.

Duration : 55 minutes - 6 tracks

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